Friday, September 5, 2014

The hazy, hot, humid days of summer

It's been quite hazy, hot, and humid lately, which is a little surprising since we're so close to the end of summer. I believe the ponies are already starting to grow their winter coats, so I hope it cools down soon.

P has had some trouble chewing hay lately. She does get most of it and hasn't lost any weight, but occasionally I'll find a few big quids of hay lying out in the paddock. She does better with the grass, and luckily there's still some grass for her to eat. Because her teeth are getting old, we're trying to maintain her mouth as best we can. We don't want to overdo the floating but also don't want her teeth to get overly sharp or uneven. So far, so good - crossing our fingers that she stays that way!

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I needed to get organized for the winter. I haven't accomplished much yet but will try to do some this weekend. This process also includes cleaning tack - and I've read quite a few blog posts lately of how everyone cleans their tack and what products they use to clean. It's inspiring! I better work on cleaning some tack!

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