Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dreams and how they change over time

When I was really little, my dream was to ride in the Olympics and have a huge barn with lots of horses! I grew older, reality set in. :)

The reason I was thinking about how dreams change over time is because I met another rider who's having trouble deciding what she wants out of horses. She seems to think that showing is something she should do, but she doesn't really want to show with her horses. But she's having trouble finding a purpose in what she *is* doing with her horses.

I wish I could make her see that you're allowed to follow your own dreams with horses, and sometimes those dreams change over time.

My own dreams and goals with P have definitely changed as we have gotten older. Let's face it - there is no way P and I are *ever* going to the Olympics!! As P gets older and our riding days become fewer and farther between, my real goal is to keep her happy, healthy, well-fed, and well-loved.

And isn't that what we all dream about for our horses? :)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A severe lack of blog entries - and rain

Apologies for not blogging for...well...all of 2016 so far. Yes, that's how bad a blogger I've been. Time just got away from me this year, I guess. I truly admire all of the bloggers who are able to work, go to school, ride, deal with the rest of life, and blog with such wonderful photos - I wish I were as good at time management as you are!

One thing that has not helped this year has been lack of rain. We are in a bad drought and trying to conserve as much water as possible. It makes things hard, as it is amazing how much water you need around a horse barn. The ponies are of course getting drinking water, but they are NOT getting baths. P's tail is disgusting! Does anyone know if there is some sort of dry shampoo that would help clean and detangle a horse tail that can't be washed?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and fall season with their horses. I will try to check in on Blogger more often but can't guarantee. I hope I'll be back before another year goes by, though! Have a wonderful day!