Sunday, September 7, 2014

Productive weekend

What a productive weekend! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to cleaning tack yet - but I did get a lot of other stuff done!

P and I also went for a short hack. P used to be an excellent dressage horse, although now she's mostly in retirement. That doesn't stop us from doing some large, loopy circles and bending exercises from time to time.

Her friend AP is also learning how to leg yield. AP is learning to leg yield from the quarterline, back to the rail, and then back to the quarterline. We're finding that a lot of support with the outside aids really helps her a lot, and the leg yield helps her to become straighter. She's looking good!

In other news, the pelleted bedding experiment seems to be going well. I'm still considering changing to all pellets but am worried that watering them to break down would become even more of a chore. However, I'm very interested in managing the manure pile a little better - I think the pelleted bedding is supposed to break down faster. Anything to keep the manure pile from getting out of control!

Also, I'm in need of a new cooler to help the horses dry in the winter but not get chilled. Any recommendations?


  1. Hi! Are you looking for a cooler for after riding the ponies or something more suitable for turnout? I love Tuffrider's Thermo Manager line. I have their Stable Blanket, which can be used to keep them warm in their stalls (not waterproof) and also doubles as a cooler. I've also used it as a blanket liner under a waterproof turnout sheet or blanket when it's really cold. I've had it for 3 winters now and absolutely love it. Shavings tend to stick to coolers when they lie down in their stalls but not so much with this one. You can easily brush the shavings off with your hand. I also have the Thermo Manager turnout sheet which is waterproof and is already lined with the Thermo Manager material. It is the equivalent of a light blanket with 100 g of insulation. I've used this one for 2 Maryland winters (lots of mud, some snow, temps varying from 40 to teens) and it is still going strong! If you want a turnout sheet + cooler in one this would be it. Definitely recommend! :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've never heard of the Thermo Manager line, so I'll definitely check it out. If shavings don't stick to it, that sounds great! I'm looking for a cooler for after riding, although we don't ride often in the winter, so it's more likely that it will be just in case the horses get wet in some nasty weather. I need something that will help dry them off but also has buckles/straps like a blanket so it will stay on.