Saturday, August 30, 2014

Horse product reviews and pelleted bedding

I love reading all the horse product reviews that other bloggers write. It's really informative to hear which products people like and what they like about them - or which products they don't like!

I'll have to think about which products I like and could review. For example, I'm currently trying out pelleted bedding in P and AP's shelter. I only use a little bit for the pee spots, and so far it seems to keep things drier which helps extend the life of the shavings. I just picked up a no-name bag at our local store, and I believe that different brands have different levels of absorbency. I may try another brand next time.

I would definitely continue using a mix of shavings and pelleted bedding. It's hard for me to keep the pellets watered enough to break down but not get dusty. But so far the mix of pelleted bedding seems to be a success!

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  1. Product reviews are definitely very useful! I love reading them as well.