Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Aspiring to be a more efficient stall cleaner

I'm aspiring to be a more efficient stall cleaner.

P and AP are turned out with a shelter, and we bed the shelter with shavings, as they lie down in there and it seems to be easier on their aging bones. Unfortunately, they also use the shavings as a bathroom, and I'd like to be more efficient at cleaning the shelter and their turnout.

I try to keep up with the cleaning daily because it's a much bigger job if I don't. But it's the daily cleaning that I need to be more efficient with. I'm thinking about mixing some pelleted bedding in the main pee spots - the extra absorbency might help, although I worry that I would end up taking out a lot of pelleted bedding every day. That could get expensive.

Any ideas from the speedy stall cleaners out there?

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